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IBM’s goal in the market is to transform the way business is done and digital plays a fundamental part in that. Teaming up with Zemoga was the result of a joint strategy to bring to LatAm years of experience and recognition in UX best practices and methodologies.

Becoming “the world’s largest digital agency” (as reported by AdAge) was not an overnight achievement. In IBM’s expansion and and launch of the Interactive division, Zemoga was positioned as a valuable UX and Strategy partner for its Colombia and LatAm initiatives. IBM brought the tech muscle coupled with Zemoga’s affinity towards the aesthetic and seamless experience the end user needs to have over the systems created, the offering made complete sense and made a big impact with one of the biggest players in the space.

Together, and thanks to the complementary skills available, we were able to provide clients with the awe and excitement of innovative solutions that brought freshness and agility to the brand and the solutions in place; but in the end, counted with the established and solid backing of IBM’s platforms and support systems.

Zemoga team members ingrained directly into IBM’s team structure and provided the modern touch and vision to the solutions that were proposed to client from pitch to finish (even the garb was a step away from tradition). In the process, Zemoga has worked with IBM to close the opportunities available and then provide all the specialized support on the UX and Front End Development fronts.

The need for digital transformations is a reality and imminent to drive businesses forward and it’s more and more evident to LatAm marketers. Zemoga has traveled across the continent to bring the value of clean and end-user-focused digital experiences to companies that understand the need and are at IBM’s reach.

The plan moving forward is to bring digital transformations across the globe, one continent at a time. With a team like this, that goal looks a project closer every day.


The role we played

  • Strategy
  • UX/Product Design
  • Front-End Development
  • Back-End Development
  • QA
  • Project Management
Digital wallet for Diners Ecuador
Zemoga was the User Experience partner that helped IBM concept a digital wallet for Diners Ecuador

Design thinking

helping big blue close the deal!

Zemoga’s engagement with IBM was not one of one-off development or design services. It was a collaboration from start to finish. This included freshening up the pitch material and presentations and being part of the actual pitch presentation.

True openness allowed for an honest understanding on behalf of the client, that today’s digital playing field requires the right interactions and teaming up to achieve better results - even for the largest player in the field.

Design thinkingWorkshops with FNA and IBM in Medellín, Colombia


from pitch to finish

Every deal and opportunity implies the right mix of team members to step up and deliver. WIth IBM, Zemoga has been able to provide assistance during all phases of the project life cycle. With an understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, each project provided an opportunity to provide specialized teams of UX, Design, Front End, Business Analysis, QA or Project Management.

from pitch to finish
Zemoga helped IBM and FNA make government loans easily available to those who need it

Digital Innovation

Changing a Market’s Appreciation of Digital

One of the many hurdles for digital marketers and innovators in LatAm is the cultural disposition of clients towards the approach to achieving results. A full appreciation of process and necessary discovery and understanding of end user needs is not always there. With IBM, Zemoga saw a like-minded group to work together with on executing on all the right methodologies and techniques help move forward the state of digital in the region.

workshopColombian clients engaged in an accelerated visioning workshop

Brand Style Guide

true team collaboration and immersion

Through all phases of the engagement and all countries that have been the center of the initiatives, Zemoga and IBM team members have worked together as one to discover the end user and client needs, define the right challenge to tackle and its requirements, design the appropriate UX and Tech solutions to then Develop/Deliver on the results expected. No true team collaboration in a nimble work could work if the team’s frameset for the work was not agile and boy did the team organize themselves and their backlog to over deliver to clients to full satisfaction.

Ideation and critique sessions with IBMIdeation and critique sessions with IBM

Digital Innovation

rethinking banking for a connected world

Given the strong presence in the financial and banking vertical that IBM dominates in the market, Zemoga and IBM worked together to create a proof of concept on a fully digital bank - we called it Ubiquo. This solution would be geared towards and designed with the end user in mind but connect to all the Websphere and backend systems that provided the stability needed for the end use of the application. It was created to sell to a major bank of Colombia looking to create a whole new banking offering but even more, it served as a case study of creating quick variations of IBM’s systems and adapting to client needs.

Digital InnovationUbiquo was a proof of concept that Zemoga helped IBM prepare for Grupo Aval

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