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We create platforms and experiences that drive user engagement, transaction and results with the world's leading brands.

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Media & Entertainment


We've entered a new era of unprecedented options for digital media delivery. There's no turning back as more devices, screens, and services proliferate to even more customers... and this time it's global.
With new digital engagement paradigms quickly emerging and evolving for the entertainment industry, Zemoga is already on the front line.

Media & Entertainment brands

Brands need to navigate the complex and changing landscape of digital media options, all with profound business implications. Whether the desired experience is direct to customer, internal, or b2b, Zemoga has developed the expertise to achieve results. Our UX architects blend strategy, creativity, and technology to develop the optimal solutions for mobile, tablet, web, social apps, native apps, and more. We keep brands fully covered on the latest trends from responsive web design to content marketing to experiential storytelling.

We'll let the results do the talking. Click on the arrows to explore.

Anchorman 2 project
Anchorman 2

Paramount Pictures International tapped Zemoga to help them promote the international release of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, because... well, this movie is kind of a big deal. And what better way to create brand awareness and encourage participation than by creating an online portal that invites (via a "Breaking News" alert from Ron Burgundy himself) fans to submit an audition video to join Ron's news crew! Each week, the most majestic of audition videos are hand selected and then featured in a highlight reel for the entire world to enjoy.

Paramount Pictures projects
Facebook App

Paramount engaged Zemoga to help promote the release of Star Trek: Into Darkness. We used exclusive short-form videos from the film production to introduce fans in 8 countries worldwide to the new Star Trek movie. A Facebook app framework was also built which was syndicated to multiple, international Facebook pages so localization was easy and seamless. Zemoga created a "release window" through media partnerships to build up anticipation for each video's release.

Parents projects
Parents logo
Website Redesign

Meredith Corporation brought Zemoga on-board for a full re-conceiving and re-design of their site. We brought together our specialties in data analysis and creativity by using eye tracking technology to benchmark how users interacted with the old site, determining what the friction points were against a series of prompts. Full responsive design architecture and design was also provided and documented. Our collaborative efforts earned us the "2013 Best Re-launch" from Min/Folio, quite a nod from the leading authority on the publishing industry.

Paramount Pictures logo
BET project
BET logo
Responsive Homepage Redesign

The force was with our UX Jedi Masters at Zemoga as we redesigned's homepage - in full responsive web design fashion. A critical part of the process was focus groups and eye tracking sessions conducted with BET fans, ensuring data helped us determine the design that made both clients and fans happy. From there it was all about creating an absolutely BETiful interface and then ensuring users could see it perfectly regardless of browser or device. Traffic's up with more viewers flocking to for the latest and greatest news on their favorite programming, celeb news and amazing reporting.

A&E project
A&E logo
Site design, UX and development

This project was a web-based solution for the MPEG4 Conversion that allows AETN administrators and client engineers to process equipment and licenses for several phases of the upgrade program.
The website is supported by a custom Content Management System which provides content and information for visitors of the site. The site includes authentication mechanisms to grant access only to authorized users. This is a prime example of a turn-key tool that provides solutions from experience strategy to design to custom CMS development.

Hearst project
Esquire logo
iPad Sales Tool

Zemoga's PADFORCE ONE sales enablement app was recently versioned for Hearst Men’s Group, Esquire magazine was the first of four publications to utilize the platform. The tool was developed to arm sales forces with the most simple yet powerful iPad presentation engine available, and allowing them to access the latest, most up to date content. Reps can create personalized playlists in seconds, make over-the-air file updates, and instantly email content to anyone, at any time.

Sea World
Sea World project
SeaWorld logo
Proof of Concept

Zemoga helped SeaWorld concept the next evolution of their popular animal cam project into a full-blown online attraction. Zemoga created Up-Close Adventures, a rich user experience that combines live animal HD video within digitally created environments. Visitors are free to snap and share their own pictures, as well as learn more about the animals through information overlays. Custom options for parents and teachers to manage children in the experience adds a layer of education and social interaction.

Busch Gardens
Busch Gardens project
Busch Gardens logo
Promotional website

We worked with Busch Gardens to create an overall digital experience promoting their annual Howl-o-Scream event. To maximize awareness, engagement and ticket sales for the event, a multi-channel promotional campaign was developed by Zemoga and our agency partners. In addition to providing a fun and exciting way for the audience to discover "The 13" evils that hosted the event, the Howl-o-Scream digital experience also provided the customer with relevant information regarding dates, hours and info on how to purchase tickets. Short "scare videos" were also produced to drive social conversation and engagement around the event.


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Gulfstream DesignBook

The height of


Step onboard our case study of the native iPad application we created for GulfStream's Design and Sales team that configures in rich realtime 3D the interior and exterior of the GulfStream worldclass line of aircraft, including a gyroscopic walkthrough.

Fasten your seatbelts.

Step right on board
Gulfstream® DesignBook

Imagine a jet aircraft showroom experience rendered on an iPad. Imagine customizing interiors and exteriors in real time and from a first person point of view. Imagine bringing an ultra-high end sales experience to digital life. Stop imagining, and start exploring DESIGN BOOK for Gulfstream by Zemoga.

Ipad showing the main cover of the Gullstream application
a Gulfstream jet

Gulfstream needed to bring the luxury jet showroom experience to life in a completely mobile, intuitively customizable, and eminently compelling digital experience. With the help of Zemoga, they not only succeeded, but exceeded our clients high expectations.

Creating an innovation design engine

The Gulfstream brand embodies efficiency, luxury, and innovation -- qualities that had to resonate throughout any digital experience we created for the world's foremost aviation company.

So we started by taking apart and then reassembling the Gulfstream showroom experience, where customers are physically escorted through actual plane interiors. Our goal was to not only emulate the sales experience, but improve it by empowering customers to visualize their unique choices.

We succeeded by creating an astonishing first-person, fully customizable, gyroscope-controlled augmented reality showroom experience.

Jason brandt
Jason Brandt
Client Strategist

mosaic of photos about software features
Begin with the end in mind

Gulfstream wanted to reproduce the excitement and engagement of a tour through their physical showrooms.

So we worked backward to not only digitally recreate the experience of an actual walkthrough, but took the opportunity several digital steps further by enabling the user customization of features, colors, textures, and other options both within and outside the aircraft.

The result was a sleek, simple, and elegant conceptual framework that set a solid foundation for the robust layers of the UI, and the astonishing first-person UX built above it.

User Experience sketches
A sales process with amplitude

With a high sensitivity to the fact that GulfStream is the ultimate in luxury brands, we designed and built a crisp, engaging and virtually limitless customizable experience.

Our solution was to create a next generation tool that takes the sales process to another level.

Feautures include an augmented reality experience that allows you to virtually walk through your new jet.

Designers and customers alike can effortlessly tap and drag from one feature category to another, all while maintaining a natural flow throughout the compelling configurator experience.

Nelson Morales
Nelson Morales
IA Director

Easy access for all the options
Elegant utility and functional beauty

The project had an aesthetic sensibility we referred to as "effortless elegance," this notion applies as much to our own methodology as Gulfstream's gorgeous aircraft.

So even though the presentation layer alone manipulates and compiles over 40,000 images, the app captures the Gulfstream spirit of confidence, simplicity, and efficiency.

Users are encouraged to perform a host of complex functions, yet all within a UX that remains easy-to-use, completely intuitive, and uncannily organic.

Jorge Echeverry
Jorge Echeverry
UX Designer

Visual Interface elements
Visual Interface elements
Visual Interface elements
The matrix is everywhere and needs lots of bandwidth

Creating an augmented reality experience that tops the original isn't easy.

Four gigabytes of raw data fed dynamically into more than 30 images projected per second.

And you thought building an actual private luxury jet was tough!

The Zemoga UI team sweat all the details, and somehow managed to push both native and Web-based tech to the absolute limit.

By increasing runtime performance as much as 600% we were able to transform an iPad into a virtual showroom, assembled in real time right in front of the user's eyes.

And we've only just gotten started...

Juan Camilo Estela
Juan Camilo Estela
UI Lead

app performance chart
Don't just take our word for it

The application debuted at the NBAA (literally the trade show for the jetset) in October 2012 to overwhelming praise and delight

Hailed by Tray Crow, Gulfstream's director of interior design as a powerful sales tool due to it's ability " show clients their vision, real time, right in front of them".

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