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We’re a multicultural team with some of the world’s best digital thinkers, designers, technologists and creative leaders all working together to kick some digital ass.

We’re designers, software consultants and developers. We’ve been around since tweets only came from birds.

About Us


how we build better business

We’ve seen it all in the digital space and we’ve got the scars to prove it. So listen up. All business is digital. And the digital experiences your company creates mean a lot. The era of endless planning and 6+ month build cycles is officially dead - while the others are rearranging the chairs in the boardroom for another 3-hour meeting about a meeting, we’re already thinking, designing and building.

We solve problems and create opportunities for smart businesses by adapting our teams and processes to what’s best for our different clients. We do, however, believe in full cycles that start with design thinking as a way to generate ideas that are then built, tested early and evolved quickly through lean methodologies.

how we build better business


the many ways we work with our clients

We build digital destinations, mobile apps, sales empowerment tools, digital campaigns, social content, and a wide range of digital products.

We’re nimble and flexible. We can help you solve big or small problems from scratch. Or jump in and assist you along the way.

We have committed teams just for your project and we’re in it for the long-haul. We do it all and we do it better and faster and get it done right.

  • Ux DesignUx Design
  • CreativeCreative
  • StrategyStrategy
  • Back-End DevBack-End Dev
  • Mobile DevMobile Dev
  • Front-End DevFront-End Dev
  • Automated QAAutomated QA
  • Program MGMTProgram MGMT
  • Embedded TeamsEmbedded Teams

The team

the people behind the work

We’re Colombian, we’re American. We believe in the power of diversity and a rich culture. We’re curious, we crave the food of the world and love to travel. We are friends and love to share time together. We believe that it’s possible to have fun at work. We’ve got a unique blend of smarts, flavor, know-how and efficiency that no one else can touch. We’re not less, we’re much much more.

Our Team


your go-to guys

Meet the leaders who keep an eye on the process and ensure that objectives are achieved with award-winning standards.

  • DJ Edgerton
    CEO / Founder
  • Carlos Ferro
  • Carlos Pardo
  • Tatiana González
    HR Director
  • Juan Velasco
    VP, Design
  • Andrés García
    VP, Technology
  • Katherine Renteria
    VP, Delivery

Where we are

we’re global. here, there and everywhere

We’re all over the place, but in a good way. We’re fully mobile and happy to travel to wherever our clients or projects need us. Our main headquarters are strategically located in the beautiful Union Square area in NYC and the technological heart of unbelieveable Bogota, Colombia, with dedicated teams working with clients on-site across the US.

We speak one language, quality. We stay in constant communication, travel whenever it’s needed and operate in the time zones that matter to you.

we’re global. here, there and everywhere


partners who rely on us

We've been changing the lives and businesses of Fortune 500 companies for over 15 years. These are just a few of the brands weve collaborated with in the past.

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