About Us

Who we are and what makes us a special partner to work with.

We complement the existing digital capabilities of enterprise clients in different industries. Our teams design and engineer better digital products and experiences with the right delivery model and team structure.

Zemoga was founded in 2002 with offices in NYC and Bogotá, Colombia, and has since expanded to Medellín, Cali and Barranquilla. Eighteen years ago we pioneered the nearshore delivery of digital services to the US from Colombia. A model driven by culture and care —care for our people, our clients and their business success. Every day our staff prove their worth with their talent, passion and desire to do things better than others. This translates into the most motivated, loyal and talented design and engineering workforces. They call Zemoga home.

Working with Zemoga

Why partner with us

We help organizations evolve an existing product or build a new one from end to end. Our strategic approach to engaging with clients and building multidisciplinary product teams guarantees flawless delivery. This is why:

Our culture leads to quality

We instill a strong sense of ownership in every team member and everyone’s aware that good and bad results are a direct consequence of what they do and how they do it.

We’re one integrated team

We have the flexibility to join an existing team or build a new one. Our agile approach to product design and development ensure transparency and collaboration.

We deliver beyond expectations

We bring the highest standards to every new partnership. Our teams have the ability to deliver work as expected and find ways to do things better in the process.

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We’re here for you

Everyone in our leadership team has been with the company for ten years or more. They built their own teams and know the business better than anyone. Our company leaders are executive sponsors in our client relationships and our board members are renowned experts in technology, finance and nearshore delivery.

DJ Edgerton

Founder & CEO

Where we are

Here, there and everywhere

Our teams are based in Colombia —a convenient location in a convenient timezone (CT and ET) and a 5-hour flight away from NYC. This makes collaboration very efficient. We work in the same schedule as our clients’ teams and we can easily jump on a plane and spend some time on-site when the project requires it.

Our main office is in Bogotá and we’re building new spaces in Medellín, Barranquilla and Cali. These cities are evolving as tech hubs in the country and our presence there is growing every day. Some key team members have been re-located to the US and are working closely with our clients.

Our Offices
  • Bogotá, Col

  • Medellín, Col

  • Barranquilla, Col

  • Cali, Col

Our presence
  • New York, NY

  • Wilton, CT

  • Chicago, IL

  • Sarasota, FL

Remote mindset

We’ve been traveling and working from different places for 18 years. Remote working policies were a thing for us 10 years before the pandemic. We’re built to function as a distributed team and are ready for a new, more remote-friendly reality.


Security matters to us

Our business and our client’s business are remarkably valuable. By implementing ISO 27001, we protect our and our client’s data and IP, reduce risks, and generate trust in our internal processes. Our certification is our best way to prove how serious we are about information security.