From Visual Artist to Program Manager for the Retail Industry

In-line with Zemoga's story, mine is a journey of learning from experience, frequent self-reinvention, and a lot of passion enabled by an environment where I feel safe to dream and allows me to take risks.

I found myself in New York more than 10 years ago, working as a front-end developer who rendered services remotely, somehow an early version of the remote schema that we see today for hundreds of employees. I studied visual arts and felt curious for any form of an algorithm that I could create. By then I had taken basic after-effects classes which applied to games and web page creation and I had also collaborated with a studio building, animating banners and websites. 

At that precise moment, I was collaborating with genius minds in the retail sphere helping bring to life the future of online shopping. This was happening through redesigns where our customers were at the center of our conversation and what they thought, mattered.

Interestingly, I started to feel sort of calling for connecting with my clients abroad. Solving a complex problem for someone else as part of their team took me back to my curiosity for algorithms, but this time without code. The years I spent as a front-end developer helped shape the strategies I look up today for my own teams. As a manager, I understand that results are very important, and have been driven by human desire to understand   incorporating motivation factors in the daily routine. Motivation happens by weighing  where individuals want to go in their career.

Some of my mentors are still working at Zemoga and some others are not, but all of them are very generous with their knowledge and they helped shape my curiosity into a management career. Today, many Zemogians are shaping their career paths hand in hand with mentors that further their personal growth. 

Today, I enjoy showing up to do my job more than ever. I love getting to Connect with my clients and my team, hopping on one-hour calls (sometimes more) to rumble with my mentees, inspiring them to work on their careers, and learning strategies  to apply in different spaces. I can not help but think how satisfactory it is to bring to the table all the knowledge that was built over the years and share as much as I can with others. Is my next shift pursuing a formal coaching career? I might be on the verge of taking the next risk.

About the author

Paola Gonzalez has been with Zemoga for more than 10 years. As a Program Manager, she integrates with clients and mostly large multidisciplinary teams finding ways to streamline their delivery process and supporting their team dynamics.