Building a center of excellence for a giant in the financial industry



We’ve had a strong relationship with Morningstar for more than 5 years. What started as a small engagement with a big focus in front-end development has evolved into a long-term partnership that empowers Morningstar’s product teams with design, engineering and management capabilities in a flexible model that allows them to react swiftly to the way their needs change over time.

Today our teams are fully integrated within Morningstar’s teams, going well beyond the traditional notion of partner-vendor. Our designers, engineers and managers are distributed across multiple business units and complement the strengths of each one of those groups.


Our role

  • Product Design

  • Front-End Engineering

  • Back-End Engineering

  • Business Analysis

  • QA Engineering

  • Project Management

  • DevOps


Design and engineering in service of the user experience

Morningstar has known the value of user experience since its inception. They —just like us— understand that a great user experience is the combination of clean interfaces that respond to the user’s needs efficiently and a back-end that helps the front-end present relevant information and data in the smoothest way possible.

When we collaborate as a team, aesthetics, usability, performance, responsiveness, and security are all principles that guide the way we build products together.


Stronger squads build better products

In our history together we've implemented different models and scopes of engagement. History brings with it efficiencies in setup, ramp-up, knowledge transfer, and a level of trust to ensure Zemoga places our commitment to deliver quality above anything else.

Through our expertly built cross-functional squads we have helped Morningstar define, design, setup, manage, enhance, re-platform, and even fadeout all types of B2B and B2C products for multiple business units.


Our shared culture leads to a successful partnership

We are a diverse, multicultural team composed of highly talented and driven individuals with different backgrounds in design, technology and management. Our culture —based on ownership and true collaboration— has been a perfect match with Morningstar´s culture. Respect for what every team member brings to the table has helped us guarantee that when we work together we are all part of the same team and that always leads to a better end result.


Physical spaces that feel like an extension of Morningstar

In 2020 Zemoga and Morningstar collaborated to redesign an entire floor in our Bogota office’s building. The team made an effort to make it feel consistent with our existing offices and, at the same time, familiar enough for those who will be traveling from Colombia to Chicago or one of Morningstar’s offices around the world.

There are many things that set Zemoga apart from their competitors. For Morningstar, it was their culture and understanding of our business. They always rise to the challenge, they are always committed and are a pleasure to work with.

James Rhodes, Chief Technology Officer at Morningstar


The long term vision

Morningstar’s ever-evolving needs represent an interesting challenge for the Zemoga team. Our knowledge of them as an organization, in combination with our knowledge of the digital space, makes us a key partner to help them achieve their goals. Our long-term collaboration allows us to be deeply involved in the different moments of the life cycles of their multiple products. We build or complement squads starting with a perfect understanding of each project’s goals and challenges.